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Code of Conduct


The Parallel Library Services community is committed to providing an inclusive, safe, and collaborative environment for all participants, regardless of their gender, gender expression, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, sexual characteristics, physical appearance, disability, or age. We encourage every participant to be themselves, and must respect the rights of others. The code of conduct is a set of guidelines that establishes shared values and ensures that behaviours that may harm participants are avoided. The values of the Parallel Library Services community are focused on developing both our individual and collective potential, supporting and empowering the most marginalised, mutual respect, and an anti-violence approach that favours support and collaboration among participants and the resolution of conflicts. A code of conduct helps us co-exist in a more positive way and provides individuals who are victims of negative behaviours with confidence that they will be supported by the organisation and the Parallel Library Services community, who respects and stands behind the code of conduct. The Parallel Library Services community works towards providing a welcoming environment where participants are treated with dignity and respect and are free to be themselves. We encourage all participants to approach the Parallel Library Services network with an open and positive attitude, engaging constructively with others at all times.

Respect for Diversity & Inclusion

We avoid comments, actions or propaganda that encourage discrimination related to gender, gender expression, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, sexual characteristics, physical appearance, disability, or age.

Respect Freedom of Expression

We support an individual’s freedom of expression, and will not make fun of accents or make unsolicited grammatical corrections. We will strive to better understand each other by not assuming experiences or beliefs, clarifying meanings, and making an effort to speak clearly, avoiding jargon and acronyms.

Commitment to Non-Violence

We will not engage in any type of violence or aggression, including verbal threats or complaints, intimidation, stalking or harassment, whether physically or psychologically.

Rejection of Sexual Harassment

We understand sexual harassment as unwanted physical contact or insinuation of a sexual nature, as well as displaying images, drawings or visual representations of any kind that objectify members of any gender or reinforce oppression. The only exception is if this is part of a session, workshop and/or educational experience where showing these images is educational in nature.

Respect for Privacy

We safeguard the privacy of the participants. This includes refraining from posting or publishing information about attendees (including names and affiliation) unless given clear permission, and avoid any type of unauthorised video, audio recording, or photography.

Facilitate Participation & Collaboration

We work to create an environment that facilitates participation for all participants. We will not engage in sustained disruption of discussions or events, interrupt conversations in a way that negatively impacts collaboration, or engage in toxic behaviours to attract negative attention to a participant.

We Care about the Integrity and Health of the Community

We value the health of the community and will not engage in behaviour that can negatively impact it. This includes contaminating food or drink with drugs, or inciting or insisting on the consumption of alcohol, psychoactive substances, etc.

Support Positive Interactions Among Participants

We are committed to engaging constructively with others at all times. We will not tolerate bullying, including requesting or mobilising others, either in person or online, to bully others.


Overseeing the code of conduct

The Parallel Library Services community, composed of volunteers, oversees the code of conduct, including addressing all incident reports. Breaking the code of conduct may result in immediate expulsion from the Parallel Library Services network.

How to Report an Incident

If you witness an incident or are the victim of one:

1. You can reach out directly via email at pls[at]


This code of conduct is inspired by the IFF CoC