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I'm Amy, a book, reading, publishing, and library enthusiast. I'm originally from a small town in England called Hereford, but now live in Rotterdam. Over the past few years I've worked as an editor, publication manager, researcher, curator and programmer, but more than anything, I'm a reader.

I spend most of my waking hours thinking and interacting with books, and I am continuously fascinated by their societal role as producers, sharers and challengers of knowledge and experience, as well as the systems in which books are themselves produced, shared, distributed and cared for.

In March of 2020, I organised Meeting Grounds: The Public Library a programme and publication which looked at libraries as social infrastructure for the city and as public spaces. As part of this project I collaborated with a number of libraries and librarians, mainly in Eindhoven but also beyond, including Simon Browne, Bibliotheca, Van Abbe Queer Book Club, IFL (Informal Feminist Library), The Wave Book Club & Bibliotheek Eindhoven.

It is only in the last couple of years that I've started to understand books, libraries, librarianship, and publishing outside of their traditional roles and realms, predominantly as a result of my interactions with pirate libraries, publishing as commons (still learning about this one), social readers/reading, and contingent librarianship, and I am excited to explore this, and more, more.

I hope to one day gather the knowledge and experience gained through these interactions to begin my own publishing venture. But until then I am most satisfied being a bookish enthusiast.