First meeting, Introductions, Code of Conduct and Infrastructour

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First meeting, Introductions, Code of Conduct and Infrastructour
Location: Online
Date: 13th October, 2021
Time: 16:00-19:00 CEST
Tools: Etherpad, Calibre-web, MediaWiki
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We all met online for the first time, through a web conferencing video call to introduce ourselves as a group of 10 participants:


For the workshop series, the following ancillary infrastructure was created:

  • a dedicated MediaWiki instance, this wiki
  • a Calibre-web instance, called "parallel library"
  • an Etherpad instance for note-taking and communication purposes
  • an email mailing list for participants to communicate together: pls[at]


We took an "infrastructour” of the digital resources (MediaWiki, Calibre-web and Etherpad); making user accounts and becoming familiar with wikitext, uploading to a digital library and collaborative writing in pads.

The "parallel-library" used for the workshop series

Following the wiki tutorial, we added text, links and images to our user pages with MediaWiki syntax:

MediaWiki syntax

Etherpad introductions

We also began drafting a Code of Conduct on a pad, which was completed by the next workshop on October 27th. The final draft was later added to this wiki as the PLS Code of Conduct, taking some inspiration from the IFF CoC.